Nov 26, 2019 / Lighting
Dish by Shinya Oguchi

Dish is a minimalist lamp created by Japan-based designer Shinya Oguchi. Dish is a versatile lamp with dish shaped reflection plate. The direct LED light source is very strong. So that the new lamp uses the reflection light source to soften it. Whole shape is made of a cone shape and it intends to evoke the widespread light source. The lamp is cutting away at a cone shape then the shape becomes completely one single form. The lamp portion is lifted up upwards with the thin rod and it gives off light to the dish. It was beyond my expectations, the extended light makes unique shadow on surfaces. The material is just 1mm thickness steel. The concave surface is made by spinning technic and it is welded with the rod part. And also the light portion is made by spinning technic as well and weld with rod. At the center of the rod, it has about 4mm hole for the 3mm code and the thickness can enhance the strength. On the bottom, the ring shape hook is attached, it can work as an attachment part. It is able to use 4 types of usage like putting on the table, hanging on the wall, as a pendant lamp and as a floor lamp.