Oct 15, 2020 / Lighting
EN10255 by Anne-Sophie Oberkrome

EN10255 is a minimalist light created by Germany-based designer Anne-Sophie Oberkrome in collaboration with Lisa Ertel. Street lamps are usually a fixed constant in urban space. They reliably illuminate the same square, the same street, the same corner every night. This is different in the city of Karlsruhe, which is notorious for its large construction sites, which keep the infrastructure in constant motion. Familiar paths become dead ends, while detours and shortcuts open up. They challenge us to avoid the well-known and discover new things.

The lamp EN 10255 combines the typology of the streetlight with the mobility and raw functionality of the construction site. As a hybrid of universally approved techniques, the luminaire is shaped based on proven standards and norms of manufacturing methods and material. Starting from standard steel tube with conventional bending radius, common hanging method of keyhole drilling up to surface treatment by powder coating or hot-dip galvanizing as it is typical on construction sites and in urban environments. The normcore attitude of EN 10255 makes it applicable to any environment.

Photography by Christoph Hauf & Oliver-Selim Boualam