Fleur is a minimalist portable lamp designed by Germany-based studio AMJL. Plain and playful, elegant and unexpected. The portable luminaire Fleur cheerfully plays with elements of multifunctionality without letting itself be defined by it. The slim lamp runs on either battery or cable and through utilization of semi-transparent glass, creates an unusual interaction between reflection and light. A contactless sensor serving as on-off switch picks up the play with motion and seamlessly connects the latter with the object’s function.

Fleur allures the user into playing with it or carrying it and takes the liberty of not solely being on or off. Fleur is easily portable and follows its user effortlessly everywhere they go. The elegant form and the targeted use of semi-transparent glass transform the luminaire into a decorative mirror when turned off. When the shaft is inserted into the base, the battery is automatically turned off and gets recharched when connected to a powersupply. Inside the shaft is a 3D printed removable battery chamber that allows the lithium-ion battery to be exchanged by the user when the battery capacity is worn out.

The tiltable head can be opened in a few simple steps without any tools and allows easy access to an exchangeable LED module. An array of several different light transmitting sheets located in the head diffuse, dispense and evenly distribute the light from the LED module. The complex assembly facilitates a flat light fixture with smooth and uniform illumination. The on/off switch is also located in the head of the luminaire and enables turning on/off and dimming the light through touchless gesture controls.