Dec 21, 2020 / Lighting
Gueule de Loup by Samy Rio

Gueule de Loup is a minimal pendant created by Paris-based designer Samy Rio. This pendant light, available in several versions, is an indoor lamp made of sections and half-sections of giant bamboo assembled in a Gueule de Loup (French name of this junction), an assembly intrinsically linked to bamboo and how to assemble two tubes to form a robust structure. Usually executed without special care for details, because used in scaffolding or exterior structure, it is on this precise point that the production of the lamp is focused.

The object’s voluntary formal minimalism, which creates its apparent obviousness, calls for advanced skill and means of manufacture. It is by combining manual and digital shaping that the assembly is made possible at this level of precision and that the object acquires all its simplicity and technicality. Lighting is provided by a flat aluminum LED module fixed in each bamboo tube, the light is filtered by a white Corian slab set back inside the sections. The object is variable: summoning one, two, or three spots at different locations, aligned or asymmetric, offering several aesthetic combinations and uses. All the components of the object are highly technical and yet offer simplicity in use.

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