Mar 28, 2016 / Lighting
Helix Light by Manuel Steffan

Helix Light is a minimalist design created by Munich-based designer Manuel Steffan. Light touches everything. Not only the surfaces where one can see it. Rather light creates space. Helix focuses on the air around a light source to show this space and to give it the biggest possible value. Therefore helix rotates small particles in the air by using a fan. Those particles are emphasized by a diffused light from the bottom to the top area of the lamp. The body of Helix is made of aluminum, which is the heatsink of the leds. There are three 8.5 watt LEDs from a sole semiconductor. In the front of the lamp there’s a spin control to turn the light on and to control the power of the fan. As the spin control is the only manageable part, it has a big visual weight and repeats the axial and rotational forms used in the whole lamp.