Hiline Collection is a minimalist lighting collection created by Los Angeles-based designers Massess. From the bedroom to entertaining in the living room, light plays a critical role in setting the mood and controlling ambience. Most lamps are designed as standalone objects that make the room defer to it, adding unnecessary clutter and functioning poorly. What if we could easily install lighting to an existing interior as we needed? Hiline is a collection of lighting that was designed to seamlessly integrate and become an architectural highlight to an interior.

Easy to install and refined as it is utilitarian, its the perfect addition to any room that needs integrated lighting without the professional hardwiring. The collection consists of 3 variations to create the perfect lighting setup – a pendant, sconce and spotlight. Made in honest, industrial materials, each is entirely handcrafted by the new Los Angeles brand MASSESS. A multi-disciplinary design studio / manufacture – guided by a philosophical approach to redefine our objects and the meaning they draw from within us. Specializing in the creation of limited, truly timeless sculptural objects that are borne directly from a deep understanding of material, form and processes.