Jan 15, 2020 / Lighting
Kingpin by Daphna Laurens

Kingpin is a minimalist pendant light created by Netherlands-based designer Daphna Laurens. This iconic pendant light will illuminate any room. The Kingpin offers a multifunctional design with six rotating bulbs that will surely create an attractive play of light. Every desired area or spot can be illuminated in a flash. Kingpin: the most playful member of the JAPTH family. As described by Laurens, “In creating the design of Kingpin, we were looking for the perfect balance between functionality and size. The quality of lighting had to be its most important feature. Both the vertical elements shaping the (King)pin and the light bulbs at the end of the horizontal lines can be rotated 360 degrees. The Kingpin defines flexibility at its best and can be used in any position without losing its balance.”

Photography by Jeroen van der Wielen