Nov 13, 2021 / Lighting
L’Embellie by Baptiste Lanne

L’Embellie is a minimal lamp created by France-based designer Baptiste Lanne for Swadoh. Each light remains a unique model and is handcrafted by Lanne in his native France before receiving finishing touches in New Orleans. Having worked nearly ten years in acclaimed design studios such as Philippe Starck and Habitat, Lanne felt the need to distance himself from days spent in front of screens. He wished to rediscover the craft side of design and return to the freedom he enjoyed as a child, playing with tools, pieces of wood, and simple branches from the garden.

Methodically sculpted, L’Embellie (translation: ‘embellished’) is dyed entirely with Chinese calligraphy ink, and features an oak surface that sits on a linden tree base. This table lamp represents a departure from the Corolle series due to its upright bulb that, when illuminated, produces a glow across the lamp’s textured surface base that is similar to the reflection of moonlight on the sea. With all SWADOH creators, each choses a material that is compatible with the aesthetic and design requirements of the product. Walnut and oak remain Lanne’s material of choice due to its durability and ability to produce a tactile, ridged texture.