Mahza Lighting System is a minimalist light created by Hangzhou-based designer Mario Tsai. Mazha Lighting System was inspired by the structure of the traditional Chinese ‘Mazha’ seat‘ coupled with the designer’s wish to create a modular extension of a lighting installation. This inspired two lighting systems that fit a variety of spaces – Mazha 1.0 and Mazha 2.0. The combination form that can be extended indefinitely is based on breaking the conventional circuit and structure design.The wires are subtly hidden into the hanging thread of the lighting system. Based on the system’s 12V safe voltage supply, the exposed metal parts of the lighting system are also designed as part of the circuit, thus forming a modular structure system that is inherently complex but simple in appearance. On the other hand, this design is a further exploration of the designer’s sustainable design concept. A closer look at the various components of the product reveals that the designer does not have the intent to hide the structure, and each component is extremely fine and independent. The advantage of this is that when a component of a product is broken and needs to be replaced, it only needs to replace the node without having to replace the entire lighting system.

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