OBJ-01 is a minimalist light created by Mexico City-based designer Manu Bañó. OBJ-01 is an understandable simple gesture, an object that needs no explanation. At a glance, it reveals its material, its manufacturing process, its function and its use. A plate of raw metal, that can be steel, stainless steel or brass, cut by laser and assembled by hand with a rubber hammer and no welding joinery. Its size responds to the modulation and format of the material in its commercial standards. Pure geometric figures build the lighting fixture; a rectangle, a circle and a cylinder at the back which contains the LED light spot.

The circle, when cut out, adopts the function of a screen and can rotate 360 degrees to direct the light at will. OBJ-01 is the first solo work by the Valencian designer, resident in Mexico City, Manu Bañó. It is part of an open collection of simple objects based on the purity of raw materials, industrial processes and simple gestures that cause a specific function. Manu Bañó is co-founder of the design studio EWE and Associate of the renowned furniture, interior design and architecture firm, Esrawe Studio, in Mexico City.