Smart Home Furnishing is a minimal collection of products created by found / Founded in collaboration with Samsung. found / Founded has proposed items that can be applied to the home furnishing field through a partnership program called ‘Creative Square’ with the Samsung Electronics wireless division. The items are a wireless charger for use as an interior tray, a side table type speaker and etc. They are designed with key words of natural seamlessness. As such, the convergence of furniture and wireless technology, familiar in our everyday lives, will be a new direction in the rapidly changing wireless field.

‘Charging Plate’ is a wireless charger that can be used as an accessory tray. The wireless charging function combines with the interior goods to give a new usability as an accessory tray. The ‘Charging Plate’ consists of a central charging module and a plate module that can be loaded with accessories. The plate module can be customized according to the user’s preference and can naturally permeate into the user’s space. ‘Foggy Mirror’ is a diffuser with mirror functions and an object to decorate the table. If the existing diffuser products have pursued a function-focused look, the Foggy Mirror is combined with a living-accessory mirror to create a natural and new usability. When the diffuser is in operation, the mirror that is hidden in the water vapor create an elegant atmosphere. It also supports wireless charging, which can be freely positioned anywhere in the user’s space.

‘The surface’ is a side table and a sound device for listening to music. The lower part has a built-in speaker module and the upper part is composed of a table top plate and can be used as a home furniture. In addition, The pattern of the top plate was applied to the traditional wooden texture. It delivers a natural sensibility that can not be felt in electronic devices The remote control, which contains only the core functions, feels like a hemispherical decorative object. ‘Conic Light’ is a home care device with a Samsung 360 camera and interior lighting. They were designed as a home furnishing product familiar to users away from   the rugged appearance of conventional home CCTV. Users do not have to learn how to use the new features, but they naturally fall into the user’s lifestyle.