Aug 31, 2017 / Lighting
Zymbel by Samuel Wilkinson

Zymbel is a minimalist candleholder created by London-based designer Samuel Wilkinson. The idea behind the Zymbel was to create a candle holder that would reflect and amplify the glow from a single candle with a bit of ‘theater’. The form is based on four shifting discs, whose composition can be changed as desired, that move around a candle in spherical space. All parts are constructed from solid brass and have been hand crafted by Lobmeyr’s skilled master craftsmen. The weighted base allows the other three discs to cantilever up and around the candle producing a gravity defying appearance. The rear discs can be tensioned or repositioned via a handmade butterfly nut on the back. The candle visually floats above the disc via a central spike.