Aroscent is a minimal diffuser created by New York-based company Air Aroma. Founded two decades ago, Air Aroma is the world’s first scent branding agency, with over 70 locations globally and headquarters in New York, Tokyo, Melbourne, Amsterdam and Dubai. Air Aroma designs minimalist diffusion systems and bespoke signature scents for premium global brands, partnering with brands such as Langham Hotels, Cathay Pacific, and Mercedes Benz to implement a scent as part of their brand identities. Given that sense of smell is the most powerful of our five senses, using an ambient fragrance has the power to make a positive impact and create a more memorable experience.

“Every signature scent Air Aroma creates is unique. Once implemented, it becomes part of a brand’s identity, and allows customers to feel connected to a brand in a more memorable way”, explains COO of Air Aroma, Alan van Roemburg. The new Aroscent fragrance diffuser combines a minimalist design aesthetic with Air Aroma patented cold air diffusion technology. The diffusers are sleek in design and smart in function, with user friendly details like built in timers and adjustable strength settings. With capability to connect to HVAC, mount to track lighting, or stand alone as a designer piece, they are the perfect complement to an expertly tailored fragrance design.



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