Aroslim is a minimalist scent diffuser created by pioneering scent solutions company Air Aroma. Founded in Melbourne, Australia and now based around the globe in cities including New York, Tokyo, and Dubai, Air Aroma has created signature scents for world class brands and scented spaces in nearly every industry. Using cold-air diffusion technology, bespoke liquid fragrance is transformed into a small particle micro mist, creating a subtle ambiance of scent in interior spaces. Air Aroma offers a range of fine fragrances to work with their diffusion equipment and also creates custom scents and products for clients. Tapping into emotion and memory, scent helps build stronger bonds,  deeper connections, and more vivid memories.

The Aroslim is a striking yet subtle product. At 3.5 ft. tall, the Aroslim acts as a visual and sensory design piece, with whisper silent scent diffusion and a luxe, linear sheen. In black or silver, it’s comprised of anodized aluminum and works with a custom 450ml fragrance cartridge to produce a dry micro mist of scent that periodically disperses. The scent intensity level is adjustable but has the power to scent a space of up to 3,500 sq. ft. using a standard power outlet. With Air Aroma scents like Vetiver Rain, Amber Grand, and Lemongrass Tea, there is something for every mood, from woody and bohemian to citrus and cool. The Aroslim is newly offered on their webstore, where you’ll find a range of other diffusers, fragrances, and candles.