Aug 21, 2019 / Products
Beau Travail Toolbox by Zoe Mowat

Beau Travail Toolbox is a minimalist toolbox created by Montreal-based designer Zoe Mowat for Funishing Utopia 3.0. Beau Travail, or ‘good work,’ is a colourful solution that encourages just that. The compact toolbox was designed for those who require a basic to comprehensive set of tools for various projects and tasks around the home. Beau Travail is made up of a large aluminum compartment with a generous handle, and two removable sandblasted aluminum stacking storage trays for organizing smaller tools and hardware. Speckled rubber lids and linings provide a soft landing surface for hammers and screwdrivers and the bright anodized aluminum finish allows Beau Travail to easily be shown off on a shelf if desired. The Beau Travail Toolbox was designed for Furnishing Utopia 3.0: Hands to Work, a workshop and group exhibition of 26 international designers that explores the concept of chores and the virtues of focused work and cleanliness in everyday objects.

Photography by Morgane Clément-Gagnon and Christian Torres

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