Oct 21, 2020 / Products
Bibita by Max Frommeld

Bibita is a minimalist bottle rack designed by London-based designer Max Frommeld for Mattiazzi. Wood is a natural, renewable material with no two pieces alike. Each plank is different and each species has different properties and characteristics. Wood is ‘alive’ forever, even after being cut, dried, and processed, so it is inherently related to time. Objets made from wood, from small to big scale, can out-live many generations if looked after and treated correctly.

The Bibita bottle rack explores the ability of an object to address two conditions: storage and display. It stacks in both directions, allowing the object to be responsive – to grow and to be rearranged based on different needs in the home and other settings. Made out of standard available timber that minimizes waste, using traditional tonque and groove joints, Bibita is finished by hand.