Jun 20, 2018 / Products
Cigarette for One by Visibility

Cigarette for One is a minimalist ash tray designed by New York-based studio Visibility for Fisher Parish. The ashtray is an object of near design-lore. Where it once was an everyday, every-home accessory, one where all designers chose to make a mark; it’s been an unfortunate casualty of our more health-conscious contemporary life. Cigarette for One, is a totem to this dying ritual; where one would have a cigarette to end the night and reflect on the day. It’s a contemplative object, taking the typologically universal cigarette holder and switching its orientation, making it both an architectural form and a gesture towards the thing it holds. It takes cues from the monumental quality of Isamu Noguchi’s proposal for Sculpture to be Seen from Mars, in a bid to be both an everyday item and a swan song.

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