Dec 30, 2019 / Products
Flower Infused Glass by Marcin Rusak

Flower Infused Glass is a minimalist collection of vases created by London-based artistĀ Marcin Rusak. As described by the artist, The glass core is placed in this hellish environment. Boiled until hot, the red and orange soul merges with the color of heat. It is now nothing but a burning mass of purposeless energy, capable of becoming something different. Removed from within, an attempt is made for the core to meet its organic shell. Fragile, impermanent flowers are meld with the most vicious of the elements. The heated surface burns the plants, within seconds turning them into half incinerated shapes of their previous selves. The burning matter gradually fuses, incorporating the plant-like shadows of ash. They begin to resemble a fractured lava crust, steadily expanding and becoming ever more fragile. In order to sustain their still familiar shape, they are given a second skin. The fine, transparent, glass shell quickly becomes one, protecting and preserving the organic shapes within. Turned into feverish bullet, the materials are forced to merge in order to seal the plants that have now gained its painterly quality. As the burning mass cools down, it becomes heavy with its flowing shapes, which seems to carry on the memory of its liquid state. Its gained transparency disfigures reality, turning it into grotesque and abstract shapes.

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