Magasin is a minimal accessories collection created by Switzerland-based designer Carlo Clopath. The collection comprises of containers, vases, and pedestals made from ash, glass, and stone for offices and homes. The geometrical (square, round) forms are based on specific functions found in an office (A4) or in a home, kitchen (food). All containers are combining the rectangular and the circular plan resulting in soft, rounded volumes: the round and the rectangular containers are equally produced starting with five planks assembled to an open box. The initial form (box) is perceptible due to five clear joint lines and different grain development: the round boxes are additionally visually divided in four segments due to light and shadow creating a difference in brightness between each segment – a subtle ornament. The production method reminds of the craft of a cooper (bucket): a container is produced by assembling repeatedly a same wooden segment. The accessories are conceived for sorting or storing in the office and kitchen or as a decorative element for living.

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