Matrix is a minimalist collection of vases created by Stockholm-based designer Monica Förster for Georg Jensen. The distinctive seven-piece series includes two vases (a cylindrical and a square version), two bowls, and a serving tray, all crafted from mirrored stainless steel. The collection is united by a square grid pattern a delicate metal matrix that is both decorative, and uniquely functional. The metal perforations allow for flowers to be installed individually or in small clusters through the geometric slots, creating an entirely original and unconventional floral display. When not in use, the vases make for beguiling and graphic stand-alone objects. Lining the exterior of the tray and serving as a base for the bowls, the matrix grid adds lightness and transparency to the collection, supplementing each items’ individual functionality with an undeniable sculptural quality.

Referencing the modernist symmetries and strong architectural silhouettes that were a signature of the Art Deco design movement of the early 20th century, Matrix also nods to some of Georg Jensen’s most classic silver designs from that era, including the iconic Bernadotte collection. Having worked across a wide array of disciplines from lighting and ceramics, to furniture and textiles Stockholm-based Förster is considered one of Scandinavia’s leading contemporary designers. Her idea-driven practice examines the underlying narratives and themes that will make an object feel meaningful and distinct, before addressing color, shape, and design detail. As a result, Förster’s designs are conceptually rich and imaginative, while always staying true to a clean, Scandinavian design sensibility.

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