Jun 05, 2017 / Products
Mya Collection by Lievore Altherr

Mya Collection is a minimalist bath collection created by Barcelona-based design duo Lievore Altherr for Burgbad. The new collection brings past and present together by translating traditional forms into a modern language by reducing familiar furnishing elements to their essentials. The inspiration came from traditional Shaker furniture, which evolved from a combination of natural materials, craftsmanship and an appreciation of simplicity. This warm minimalism is compatible with our times. Mya is made entirely of classic, time-honoured, and sustainable materials. Solid oak is used for the simple, slender, rounded legs, crosspieces, and dovetail-jointed drawer elements.

Real wood veneer is utilized for the other fronts and frames. The collection also features ceramic vanity components: a countertop with rounded edges and a sit-on washbasin which has a softly rounded shape that evokes a simple porcelain bowl. The open storage space concept is equally simple and transparent, dispensing with anything superfluous. The vanity cabinet includes an open shelf for one or two drawers which, although permanently fitted, look as if they could be lifted off at any time. Care has been taken to conceal all of the hardware and joints. The collection includes a stool, full-length mirror, towel rack, laundry hamper, and a room divider composed of the same basic elements as the vanity unit. Wood and leather give Mya a sense of coziness and an aura of permanence: the idea of something that has been entrusted to us, reflecting both nature and a culture of simplicity.