Nov 28, 2020 / Products
Noisette by Maison d'Etto

As an introduction to their Collection II, “Connection to Nature,” MAISON d’ETTO is introducing “Noisette,” a fragrance inspired by the calming effects of nature, through the use of specially-selected ingredients that help bring a feeling of peace, tranquility and balance. This unique fragrance has been thoughtfully- crafted with three of the most luxurious and supreme-quality ingredients in the perfumer’s palette: Lavandin Absolute Enfleurage Organic LMR combined with Orris Concrete LMR and Ambrette Seed LMR. These extravagant materials are used at high concentrations for the ultimate fragrance experience. The Lavandin Absolute Enfleurage Organic LMR ingredient specifically was found by research conducted on behalf of IFF (International Flavors & Fragrances) to aid in activating certain parts of the brain involved with relaxation.

Well-being and connection are the cornerstones of the MAISON d’ETTO ethos — and speak to their mission of purpose beyond product. This new collection, “Connection to Nature” is the next pillar of the journey to discovering true self. Founder Brianna Lipovsky finds healing and comfort in nature, and was inspired to tell olfactive stories of her own personal journey with her unique fragrances. During a trip to the mountain villages of the French Pyrenees, she discovered her love of lavender through her travels in the countryside, stopping in villages and meandering through the open fields atop a special palomino horse named Noisette. The singular memory of this experience was the ever-present scent of lavender in its wildest forms, and she aimed to recreate this incomparable experience.

“When Brianna came to IFF with her vision and dream for an artisanal fragrance line that is inspired by her authentic stories of connection to self, people, animals, and nature, we knew right away that it was a creative partnership and collaborative match. She had a dream to showcase olfactive narratives in a way that truly expressed how her remembrance of particular moments of time had some of the greatest impacts imaginable on her spirit due to the supremacy of scent surrounding it. Her passion to share those olfactive impressions to help others was a connecting force between all of us,” according to Dionisio Ferenc, Group President of Global Fine Fragrance, IFF.

Noisette is a sophisticated, reticent and textured fougère that lingers on the skin. Pulses of French lavender and orris awaken the mind and body. A delicate wrapping of ambrette seed, musk and amber leaves a calming warmth and gentle embrace brings serenity to the soul. Noisette is a reflection of individuality and peaceful inquisition. A contrast of instincts, it appears soft but unwavering, subtle but strong, quiet but confident while brewing close to the skin in a place held only for those we allow into our precious human spirit.