Jan 12, 2017 / Products
Perpetuum Calendar by Yonoh

Perpetuum Calendar is a minimal design created by Valencia-based designers Yonoh for OTHR. Embrace timelessness with a calendar that never runs out. Comes in 3D printed in Metallic Plastic or 3D Printed JetBlack Nylon, with 3D Printed 14K gold-plated timepieces.Inspired by the architecture of the industrial boom, Perpetuum’s shape is a nod to the “sawtooth” roofs of factories built in the 1920s and 30s. The calendar’s 3D printed fabric base emulates the era’s move towards the synthetic,gracefully guiding an antiquated material into the 21st century.To function properly, this analog calendar requires human interaction; taking our attention away from the screen and into the physical world.