Dec 22, 2017 / Products
Piedras by Moisés Hernández

Piedras is a minimal collection of copper objects created by Mexico City-based designer Moisés Hernández. The family of containers and decorative objects are made in hammered copper through an artisanal process. In Santa Clara del Cobre, Michoacán, local copper workers have adopted industrial manufacturing processes such as spinning forming and turning that facilitate the reproduction of their pieces and standardize dimensions. In spite of the advantages of using these processes, the real value of the objects rests on the manual work, the essence of the handcraft is the artisan’s touch. To celebrate and make the artisanal work evident, this family is created with asymmetric and organic shapes that resemble river stones and are impossible to achieve through industrial processes. These pieces follow elegant lines that combined with their texture refer back to the artisanal manufacturing process.