Feb 15, 2017 / Products
Porcelain Vase by Office for Product Design

Porcelain Vase is a minimal vase created by Hong Kong-based designers Office for Product Design. The Fondale vase attempts to embody the very essence of what a vase is: a vessel for holding and displaying cut flowers. Deliberately devoid of any additional ornamentation, it simply acts as a receptacle and amplifying backdrop for the flowers themselves. Formally the vase consist of a slender cylindrical base merged with an angled cone, in such a way that the top rim forms a perfectly circular opening. While deceivingly simple in terms of its geometry, the asymmetric shape required the full skill of the porcelain artisans at Rosenthal to realise. The exterior of the vase has a satin glazed sand blasted finish, which is contrasted by a reflective interior in platinum, gold or gloss glaze. Another interesting characteristic of the Fondale vase is its directionality. Unlike most vases, which are rotationally symmetric, Fondale lends itself to display its content in a certain direction, making it ideal to place against a wall, on a side table or on a shelf.

Photography by Attila Hartwig

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