Dec 06, 2017 / Products
Sirkel by Anderssen & Voll

Sirkel is a minimal tealight holder created by Norway-based designers Anderssen & Voll for Nedre Foss. Sirkel is a tealight holder in colored pressed glass. The color intensity shifts with the changing thickness of the material, leaving the impression of a solid ring of denser color. Sirkel is the Norwegian word for Circle. Sirkel plays with some of the main properties of glass: tranparency, light and color. The idea has been to create a dramatic, dynamic change of thickness throughout the object – leaving the thinner walls of the bottom corpus close to transparent and turn the top part into thicker, massive ring of solid color – seemingly floating above the table top. This effect could not be achieved by sprayed glass – we had to use the real thing: solid colored press glass. This is where the massiveness of the piece becomes relevant. The production itself is very demanding, the designers searched for almost three years to find the right glassworks for the job. Designers Anderssen & Voll also serve as creative directors to Nedre Foss. Next year, Nedre Foss will introduce several new items as well as new designers.