Small Steps is a minimalist bathroom collection created by Kyoto-based designers Ryosuke Fukusada and Rui Pereira. The morning time is intrinsically connected with the sunrise, but because of the commuting and early-day working schedule, most of us are only able to see the first rays of light a few hours after waking up. Having this in mind, we propose an integrated mirror which perceives our presence, so that, as soon as we step in the bathroom, we will be gradually and gently cheered by a brighter light, simulating the aurora and metaphorically symbolizing the start of a new day, every day. This pulsing light effect also emphasizes the basic condition of the reflectiveness of the mirror – that of potentiating a daily moment of introspection and confrontation with the self. Informed by a widespread tradition in Japan where people use a hot towel – normally given to the customers to tidy their hands before the meal – to lay it on their faces for a small moment of relaxation in public can be seen as a rude behavior. To re-contextualize this habit into the private realm, we create a towel holder tray, which invites the user to warm up the towel in the kitchen and bring them to the bathroom for a moment of joy.