Jul 26, 2019 / Products
Waves Tray by Moisés Hernández

Waves Tray is a minimalist object created by Mexico City-based designer Moisés Hernández for Pirwi. The Mexican design editor Pirwi was founded in 2007. Their main mission is creating high quality, environmentally friendly products. Pirwi launches its first collection of objects, introducing the brand in the space of smaller furniture and accessories design. Pirwi Objetos is a home accessories collection that provides innovative solutions to organise and decorate the spaces that we interact with in our daily life. It comprises: hooks, mirrors, wooden boxes, shelves, trays, candle holders, desk organisers, cushions and a ceramic decorative figure. This is the first objects set for the brand. All of these objects are made in Mexico in collaboration with small and big workshops. The objects have a wide range of materials, textures and colours, which were possible thanks to the diverse processes applied. One of the pieces, “Los Caballos” are inspired in the profound esteem and fascination that the Architect Luis Barragán had for them. They influenced his work and were the central axis for some of his most valued projects. In the houses and haciendas he built, Barragán always made sure to have the presence of these beautiful animals. Horses represent Mexico with elegance in its history and its traditions. This ceramic horse, with its continuous silhouette and earthy texture, is a symbol of tradition with a contemporary language.