Apr 27, 2021 / Interiors
9h Hakata by Keiji Ashizawa Design

9h Hakata is a minimal capsule hotel located in Fukuoka, Japan, designed by Keiji Ashizawa Design. Penthouse and interior project. The penthouse features a spacious lounge with lush indoor greenery and an iconic tree in the center, much like a relaxing courtyard.⁠ 9h ninehours introduces their original self check-in system for the first time. 9h nine hours Based on the most straightforward concept of staying in a hotel “Resetting your day, from one day to the next, needs three basic actions, take a shower(1h), sleep(7h), and get yourself dressed(1h)=9h”, ninehours offers ideally simple urban stay unlike any other in the world.

Photography by Nacasa & Partners Inc.