MUD Residence is a minimal guesthouse located in Oud-Heverlee, Belgium, designed by Andy Kerstens. MUD residence is an atypical and ritzy guesthouse near the forest of Heverlee. The house hosts up to 4 people and has a private spa and lush garden design. MUD is equipped with the latest and sophisticated features to have a full and extended holiday experience and comfortable stay. The residence can be used in multiple ways and is a blank canvas for great ideas and exclusive happenings, submerging you in an understated luxurious, almost rural yet refined setting.

The original style elements from the 60’s villa are reinterpreted in a contemporary and honest way, yet reviving the authentic details and materialization. Pure and sober lines create new views, open light-flooded spaces resulting in an enjoyable and bright atmosphere. A minimal and sleek steel extension enlarges the living room and invites the guest to have a strong connection with the garden and its beautiful surroundings.

Natural and almost weathered materials add contrast to the spaces – in line with the philosophy of MUD and their creators. Tactile details, refined yet roughly finishes and contrasting textures trigger all senses for a full immersed experience. A well curated collection of design classics, authentic vintage pieces and interesting art finishes the interior and translates the soul and experiences of the inspirers behind MUD.

Photography by Piet-Albert Goethals