Sage Bar is a minimalist space located in Chengdu, China, designed by Office AIO. Set amidst a dynamic urban landscape that blends large commercial buildings with residential spaces, Sage Bar offers a sense of seclusion and exclusivity. The entrance, concealed behind a prominent facade, requires patrons to navigate a narrow alley, building anticipation. Upon arrival, visitors are greeted by a quaint courtyard, featuring a few tables under a canvas canopy and surrounded by stainless steel benches and greenery, creating a serene urban retreat. The interior of Sage Bar is a study in calculated design and visual intrigue.

The entrance leads to an L-shaped area where the arrangement of seating and decor directs attention towards the bar. This layout not only facilitates smooth movement but also creates a spectacle of the visitors themselves, with patrons seated along the sides observing those passing by. The bar’s interior is marked by a tiered structure that differentiates areas for various interactions. The lower level is designed as a conversation pit, encouraging lively interactions, while the upper tiers offer a more intimate setting, perfect for enjoying the bar’s mixology up close. This layered design not only offers patrons a choice of experience but also contributes to a dynamic, engaging atmosphere.

A key feature of Sage Bar is its botanical centrepiece, which is both visually striking and acoustically resonant. The terrazzo flooring and vaulted ceilings create a harmonious balance, with the arches softening the room’s straight lines and angles. The bar’s pinnacle opposite the door extends the space visually, with mirrored finishes enhancing the natural elements, particularly the plants cascading from the ceiling. This design element not only serves as a focal point but also seamlessly integrates the bar’s theme with its physical space.