The Vintage is a boutique hotel located in Lisbon, Portugal, designed by Quiet Studios. Working with Bromporto Hotels to redesign The Vintage, Quiet Studios sought to adopt designs from a generation of architects and industrial designers from the midcentury period right up to present day. The stunning contemporary hotel incorporates stand-out facilities that encapsulate the design ethic of innovation, imagination and individuality. From the suspended vertical garden installation that draws the eye in the patio area of the Blue Restaurant to the V rooftop bar and lounge area where visitors can relax, take in the views and indulge in an outdoor cinema experience.

Each room features different color palettes carefully curated to bring each space a different atmosphere and allow guests to be inspired, relaxed or playful. The fully renovated hotel features chic minimalist interiors encompassing 56 spacious rooms and three suites. Paying homage to the past, and looking forward to the future, The Vintage marries stylish retro with local artisan connections to locate the hotel firmly in the present. The hotel’s bedrooms embody the luxury and glamour of the mid-century lifestyle. Each individual space has its own story to tell, thanks to the inclusion of one-off original pieces in every room. A rich color palette gives an individual touch to the bedrooms, with each shade carefully curated to bring the space to a different atmosphere.