Feb 20, 2017 / Furniture
Wa by ATO

Wa is a series of minimalist seating created by South Korea-based designers ATO. Eastern and Western cultures differ considerably in spaces. Traditionally, Eastern culture can be seen as floor-based, sitting, and sleeping on the floor. On the other hand, Western culture can be seen as the opposite, sitting on chairs and sleeping on beds. In addition, such differences can be viewed as having affected not only heating methods on a smaller level but also cultural and mental aspects on a larger level. Even today, though Western culture has been absorbed to a considerable degree, floor-based culture remains in diverse forms in numerous areas in Asia. Taking note of this, the designer created two lifestyles into a single series. This series consists of the three independent items of a pillow, a legless chair, and a chair and can be applied in many creative ways to residential spaces and commercial spaces in the contemporary age, where a variety of lifestyles coexist.