Mar 23, 2019 / Architecture
Rombo IV by Miguel Ángel Aragones

Rombo IV is a minimalist villa located in Mexico City, designed by Miguel Ángel Aragones. Los Rombos are four bodies assembled together with the formal accident generated by the urban fabric. It is a private space with three houses and a studio, in a central and wooded area of Mexico City called Bosques de las Lomas, with a continuous interaction with the tree; it is perhaps the architects’ most present and, in any case, the most immersive guest, just like the broad continuity of water. Fountains and mirrors are a constant natural resource in which the reflection sharpens the environment, in this (case) almost always green: as in almost all highly populated cities, the tree is a precious asset, as well as vegetation, water, land and even more intimacy nowadays.

Photography by Joe Fletcher