Oct 07, 2021 / Accessories
Maison/Objects by Rick Owens

Maison/Objects is a minimal design collection for Galerie Philia’s “First Times” exhibition located in New York City, designed by fashion and furniture designer Rick Owens. After the success of the “Dialog with Emerging Italian Designers” exhibition by Galerie Philia during Salone del Mobile, which showcased work from eight young designers based in Italy alongside pieces by Rick Owens, comes “First Times,” a show featuring works by established and emerging designers at the gallery’s new Tribeca showroom.

The designers were chosen for their irreverent style, which complements and contrasts with the comparative gravity of Owens’ work. Their new pieces were based on works by Owens, including his popular antler table from his Evolution Series.

“When you talk about contemporary designers between 20 and 35 years old, 80 percent of them were inspired by Rick Owens,” says Galerie Philia co-founder Ygaël Attali. “In design, some pieces are nice looking but they don’t have an aura. Rick Owens pieces aren’t even trying to be nice looking. They’re not trying to be comfortable or appealing. They’re just there and if you like them, you like them.”

The Maison/Object collection for “First Times” includes brutalist bronze candle holders, vases, and accessories. Rick Owens is a California-born fashion and furniture designer who has developed a unique style that he describes as “luxe minimalism.” Though his designs are simple and spare, Owens thrives on theatricality — producing wildly original runway shows featuring gender-fluid models of all ages and shapes. Inspired by his longtime partner and muse, Michele Lamy, clothes and furniture alike feature dark grays, blacks and browns. Like his frontier forebears, Owens finds his strongest influences in nature — his furniture and housewares have simple, organic shapes, and a few items even feature his distinctly 21st-century take on antlers.