Oct 07, 2021 / Furniture
Medallion Chair by Linde Freya Tangelder

The Medallion Chair is a minimal design created by Belgium-based designer Linde Freya Tangelder for Dior’s “Medallion Chair” exhibition during Milan’s Salone del Mobile, 2021. “Beauty can be found in the daily, in the unfinished, in the randomness of life,” says Tangelder, describing her vision of the world and her version of the Medallion chair. Combining art, design, sculpture, and architecture, the Dutch artist uses the process of deconstruction to create, her portfolio elevating everyday objects into new, exciting realms. The Medallion chair in grey, Christian Dior’s dearest color which he described as practical and elegant, revisits Tangelder’s in irregular, handcrafted aluminum. The new chair has three legs, its inclined dossier referencing the original’s iconic oval in the rawest way possible.

Linde Freya Tangelder strives for sensory relevance and cultural value in the details and on a larger scale. Her works have a sculptural and architectural character, and balance between contemporary and traditional elements. Inspired by architectural shapes, the furniture pieces highlight the field between industry and humanity, through diverse materials. Constructions are scaled down to human sizes, and translations result in sculptural gestures. Both low and high-end materials get revalued, reconsidered, and transformed. The interventions and finishes by hand, give these architectural objects a tactile aspect.