Billboard is a minimalist house located in Mie, Japan, designed by TASS. Typical suburban cities are a completely car-based society. Various buildings including mega-shopping malls, amusement facilities, DIY stores, electronics retail stores and restaurants are lined up along arterial roads, with huge billboards displayed on top. Such scenery evokes the image of a webpage on a computer display, filled with glitzy banners all over. Many people exist there, but we don’t feel their presence. Urban space along roadsides in outlying cities is now transformed into a two-dimensional interface.

The architects designed a flagship office of a printing company whose headquarter is situated in the Greater Tokyo Area. The new office, covering the Kansai and Chubu Regions, is situated in Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture. The program includes an office, a warehouse serving as a hub for long distance transport, company housing and guest rooms. The company’s intention is to make this office rooted in the community, and also to ensure a pleasant living environment. Respecting these intentions, our plan provides an office on the ground floor and residences on the second floor.