Nov 13, 2014 / Architecture
Chojyabashi Building by Takeshi Yamagata Architects

Chojyabashi Building is a minimalist structure located in Tokyo, Japan, designed by Takeshi Yamagata Architects. The building is an eight-story structure including a rooftop floor. The first and second floors will contain the nursery and shops, the third floor will contain small offices, the fourth through seventh floors will contain rental housing, and the eighth floor will contain a rooftop garden. This development uses the nursery and shops to compensate for the lack of convenient facilities in the surrounding area and provides a rooftop garden that anyone can visit to compensate for the lack of open spaces such as parks, etc. in the area.

By daring to adopt a mid-rise high-density volume arrangement without providing open space at street level, we were able to create an open space on top of the building while ensuring continuity of landscape from the street to the river. As the building is not equipped with an auto-locking system and tenant security management is carried out with a system in the elevator, the roof garden is open at all times not only to residents, but also as a playground for the children attending the nursery, and as a place to hold neighborhood association events.