Haus am Hörmannweg is a minimal residence located in Truden, Italy, designed by Daniel Ellecosta. The residential house is situated in a hillside location at the edge of the historical village center and is in line with the local building traditions. The project captivates through its clarity in shape and space creating a synthesis with a consistently determined uniform choice of material. The use of high-quality regional materials gives the building a huge added value: a combination of plaster surfaces with porphyry and dolomite aggregate and larch wood is creating a connection to the surrounding building typologies. Neatly placed apertures allow focused views and constitute a reference to the surrounding rural and mountainous landscape. The doorway element emphasizes the location “along the path” and substantiates the outside area. Visual and communicational references in the interior make it possible to experience the building in its entire length, width and height. The reduction to the bare essentials gets reflected in all the materials used here once again: smooth plaster surfaces out of clay and lime with sand aggregate in dolomite and porphyry, polished concrete floor with dolomite aggregate, wooden elements made of local larch wood.

Photography by Gustav Willeit