House Around the Tree is a minimal residence located in Héric, France, designed by Figura. The house takes place in the countryside of Nantes. The preservation of agricultural area, combined with the high demographic growth, leads to the densification of countryside villages. The original gardens are divided in several properties. New houses are built on these sites, carrying out a common aesthetic : flat roof and double slate panels, coat with various colors, aluminum window frames and rolling shutter. The house around the tree is also coming from a plot division. In this new rural partition, the house is dressing the same architectural codes than neighboring houses. Simplicity of geometric shapes, coating on facade, flat roof.

The house around the tree is composed of three volumes surrounding a big tree. These volumes offer three distinct programs : the common area, the distribution and the private spaces. This L-shape organisation brings about three facades: The main facade shows simple lines, coming from the volumetric composition ; the facade of the private space opens regularly to the fields through the repeated windows ; around the tree, facades with irregular heights are surrounding a terrace, which takes place in the continuity of the living space. In the interests of aesthetic and economic rationality, materials of the construction process are let visible in the living area. The structure, in traditional masonry, is apparent in the living room through the concrete beam.

Photography by Arthur Crestani