Feb 21, 2019 / Architecture
Pleiskirchen by Almannai Fischer

Pleiskirchen is a minimalist house located in Altötting, Bavaria, designed by Almannai Fischer. In the midst of the rolling hills of the Upper Bavarian town of Pleiskirchen, a spacious private residential building is being built instead of an old garage and barn building behind an existing – but only partially used for agriculture – four-sided farmhouse. The plan is not to copy the character of the former barn, but to use two essential characteristics as a starting point for design: that of the large, wide-spreading roof and that of a solid reinforced concrete pedestal, which digs into the slope. From there, a very committed to the reference to the landscape residential architecture is sought and at the same time given on the east side of the old courtyard to an almost “urban”, spatially close-looking answer. The living itself takes place in principle only on the upper floor and plays the great depth of the house and the great ceiling heights up to the roof as specific spatial motifs. The cracks and displacements of rooms and spatial bodies in the floor plan create a complex living environment with a wide range of interior and exterior references.

Photography by Sebastian Schels