AL-03 is a minimal table created by table created by New York-based designer Orlando Pippig. In the AL-03 collection, the designer drew inspiration from Larry Bell’s glass artworks from the 1960s, which were part of the Light and Space movement that originated in Southern California. The designer’s personal encounter with these captivating pieces at Dia: Beacon led to the creation of AL-03, embodying the essence of Bell’s artistry in the furniture design. Maintaining the geometric focus established in previous AL collections, the AL-03 design features two square aluminum planes forming the letter “L”. A smoked glass top is supported by these “L” shapes, creating a visually cohesive structure. By offsetting the “L”s, the designer achieves an optical alignment of the two squares, which generates negative space and produces the illusion of a single rectangle. Much like in Larry Bell’s creations, the AL-03 design emphasizes the importance of both positive and negative space as integral components of the overall aesthetic.