Alto Chair is a minimal chair created by Mexico-based designer Sergio Enríquez. Tailored for interior or domestic environments, this design boasts an elegant form that draws influence from Mexican vernacular furniture. The design narrative is deeply rooted in the notion of material optimization, a principle that seeks to make the most of each raw material used. This commitment to resource efficiency finds expression in the design’s minimalistic construction, which is sculpted from a single commercial-sized plank of solid wood. The aesthetic integrity of the wood is respected and enhanced, with its natural beauty becoming the centerpiece of the piece. Infused with Mexican influences, the chair captures the spirit of vernacular design where the emphasis is on form, proportion, and particularly the material itself.

The appeal of this stackable chair lies in the raw simplicity of its design, honoring the humble qualities of its source material. Regarding the production process, it’s worth noting that this chair’s manufacture is both scalable and adaptable. From artisan woodworking shops to larger industrial operations, the methods employed to shape this piece can be adjusted to suit various settings, making the design accessible to a broad range of craftsmen. As an added commitment to environmental stewardship, the chair is finished with a sustainable wood oil, applied meticulously by hand. This not only ensures a lasting, resilient finish but also serves to further accentuate the wood’s inherent charm.