Half Table Lamp is a minimal light created by Los Angeles-based designer Jialun Xiong. The primary design feature of the lamp is a half-dome, akin to a hollowed-out sphere. This structure, serving as the lamp’s body, is adjoined to a rectangular base, presenting a distinct contrast between curvilinear and straight-line forms. The fusion of these contrasting shapes lends the lamp a unique aesthetic, merging the spherical and the rectilinear in an unexpected yet pleasing harmony. Equally integral to the design is the lamp’s frame – a minimalist square construct that complements the overall aesthetic. The frame’s thinness provides a subtle contrast to the solidity of the base and half-sphere, further enhancing the lamp’s visual appeal. As for the lamp’s illumination, a pivoting light source is incorporated, capable of swiveling 40 degrees in either direction. This allows users to control the distribution of light, adding a layer of functionality to the lamp’s minimalistic design. The light source illuminates the monochrome fixtures, amplifying their understated elegance.