Aluminium Structure is a minimal partition created by Oslo-based designer Bjørn van den Berg in collaboration with Kråkvik & D’Orazio. Bjørn van den Berg teamed up with Norwegian aluminum industry leader Hydro to present “Aluminium Structures,” an innovative exhibition that showcases the strength and versatility of the lightweight metal. Hydro, a prominent supporter of this year’s Norwegian Presence, supplied both the aluminum materials and the production facilities necessary for the project’s realization. Van den Berg’s cutting-edge design employs minimalist yet striking architectural forms, reminiscent of towers, amphitheaters, and staircases. The project’s two primary structures—a four-level open cylinder and an asymmetrical four-level staircase with a gentle curve—create a dynamic landscape that captivates visitors and highlights the potential of aluminum as a medium for design.

The structures’ intricate framework is composed of vertically arranged aluminum profiles in grids, with intentional spacing between them. This design choice lends a visually airy quality to the walls and encourages subtle visibility through the structures, emphasizing the material’s innate flexibility and elegance. The aluminum profiles are designed with an open triangular shape, which generates a natural curve when duplicated and arranged with the tip pointing inward. These profiles also feature integrated attachment functions, allowing for discreet and straightforward assembly using screws. Such a design not only demonstrates the versatility of aluminum but also showcases the potential for simplistic construction techniques.

Photography by Magnus Nordstrand