Sep 17, 2019 / Furniture
Another Sofa by Daniel Schofield

Another Sofa is a minimalist sofa created by London-based designer Daniel Schofield for Another Country. For the first fully upholstered sofa in Another Country’s range, it was important for it to have a strong identity in keeping with what the company has created. Another Country’s language to me has always been a simple one, with great attention to the the quality of craftsmanship and provenance of the materials. So much of the brands DNA seemed to be based around the humble dowel profile so the designer wanted to bring this language into their upholstery whilst combining it with my own handwriting. The dowel protrudes slightly above the base of the seat. This has a pinning effect, bordering and encasing the various elements of the sofa. This can then lend itself to different arrangements allowing for flexibility within the range. The sofa itself is made from 100% natural materials with no foam used.

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