Nov 06, 2016 / Furniture
Arise Stool by Million

Arise Stool is a minimal stool created by Copenhagen-based designers Million. As an inviting seat for both children and adults, Arise Stool is the flexible seating furniture in your home and a stool with chair qualities: Arise Stool is the extra seat you can pull out when people drop in. The stool you step on to reach the top shelf. The side table you use when you need to drop stuff off. The chair the children climb on, play at or sit on. Arise Stool is so obviously functional with its playful two-step construction, one on top of the other, that one cannot help but smile and wonder how it was ever possible to live without it. Made in solid oak, Arise Stool is not only robust, it also has rounded edges, which lend it a soft feel in its solid but light graphic expression. Moreover, it makes a comfortable seat because you can rest one foot on the step.