Nov 07, 2016 / Products
Oddly Satisfying by Hayo Gebauer

Oddly Satisfying is a minimal design by Berlin-based designer Hayo Gebauer. Sorting things and reorganising them is as natural as birds collecting and assembling sticks to make their nests. But sometimes we can get hung up on the act of establishing order. It can become an obsession. With ‘Oddly Satisfying’ Hayo Gebauer aims to show the beauty of such behaviour. Instead of hiding our storage systems away like a dirty habit, these objects are designed to use in plain sight, for all to admire. The ribbed surfaces accommodate all manner of household objects and the set can be combined and stacked according to individual tastes. Whether to help keep a workplace tidy or to compulsively arrange individual strands of spaghetti, it’s up to the user.