BB Coffee Table is a minimalist coffee table designed by Paris-based practice CORPUS STUDIO. This series notably features a distinct approach to design through the division, repetition, and assembly of a straightforward element: a wheel crafted from aluminium. This methodical process transforms the wheel into various functional items that not only serve practical purposes but also captivate with their visual appeal. At the heart of the collection lies a table, ingeniously constructed from four cast metal elements that double as supports and potential storage solutions. These elements are brought together by a tabletop, creating a harmonious structure. The metal’s finish is approached with a minimalist ethos, intentionally preserving the marks of its fabrication to celebrate the authenticity and inherent imperfections of the crafting process. The deliberate preservation of these marks adds a raw, tactile quality to the piece, inviting a closer inspection of its craftsmanship. To complement this raw aesthetic, the table’s edges undergo a meticulous polishing process, enhancing the sculptural nature of its form. This finishing touch juxtaposes the industrial feel of the metal’s surface with a refined elegance, making the table not only a functional piece of furniture but also a sculptural work of art.