Jul 10, 2021 / Furniture
Bed One by Manuel Aires Mateus

Bed One is a minimal bed created by Lisbon-based designer Manuel Aires Mateus for De La Espada. Aires Mateus specified Douglas Fir for his furniture collection to take advantage of the spectacular proportions and consistent quality this timber offers. The use of this blond wood adds an extra dimension and intensity to the materiality of the collection. Finished naturally with a white-pigmented Danish oil and wax, the timber maintains its natural pale colour and sensuous tactility.

Designed slowly and patiently, Bed One has a quiet form with beautiful functionality and detailing. The headboard is made from just five wide planks of Douglas fir, the wood grain a continuous flow to the platform base. A simple shelf features at the back of the headboard. “To design on any scale, including the scale of the furniture, it is central to draw ‘life,’ to understand the real, physical and cultural result of our sensory perception, echoing our memory and knowledge,” Manuel Aires Mateus.